Feasibility studies

Before any project, LPA Architectes carries out feasibility studies, in order to gather key information about the site location. We examine the potential costs and the current rules and regulations (city planning, energy saving, accessibility, fire safety, etc.), to determine whether the project can be approved. We also help clients obtain the required authorizations for their building permits.

Buildings surveys

LPA Architectes is often commissioned by institutions or condominium associations to examine the overall condition of their properties, and their compliance with the current regulations.


The design phase is a crucial part of any project, it is when the client’s dreams come true. LPA Architectes always keeps clients at the center of their projects, to understand their expectations and to make sure their requirements are met. The design phase, as well as every step of a project, requires effective management. That is why we have developed our own design process (regular reporting, project monitoring system), bringing to clients our expertise in budgeting and project planning.

Authorization requests

LPA Architectes draws up the required documents (graphic or written documents) to apply for building permits and authorizations, and goes through the procedures to obtain them. Our knowledge and experience of administrative processes make us able to avoid any complications during the inquiry of our clients’ applications.

Tender documents

LPA Architectes makes a point of drawing up clear and detailed tender documents. Providing precise information on projects doesn’t only make it easier for construction companies to understand them, it can also prevent additional costs.


Our agency writes the documents and specifications required by construction companies. We explain each project in detail, from the technical guidelines to the origin of the materials used. By drawing up all these documents, we make sure the project is consistent and complies with the client’s requirements. In major projects, the specifications are written by reliable quantity surveyors.

Contractors review

LPA Architectes reviews contractor bids, and compares their offers according to precise criteria (quality, skills, reliability). Our agency examines all bids, comparing unit prices and quantities. We then make recommendations to clients, in order to select reliable and efficient contractors for their projects.

Management and supervision

Each project is entirely managed by one architect, who is also the client’s dedicated contact. Everything is hence entirely supervised, from the design phase to the construction phase. LPA Architectes makes sure each project complies with all the construction guidelines and quality standards, and that clients are regularly kept informed of its progress.


When their project is completed, our clients can officially take possession of their building. LPA Architectes helps them go through administrative procedures: legal documents, insurance, etc. The last phase of a project is as important as any other, that is why LPA Architectes makes sure it is completed properly.

Site supervision

Day-to-day supervision is an important part of the management of a construction work, and is always integrated in small-scale projects. In other projects, it is coupled with our standardized project management system (additional fees). The site supervisor makes sure the construction progress complies with the initial schedule. He coordinates all the contractors, and is hence essential to prevent any complication on the construction site.

Other services

Our architects also offer services as legal experts (assessors) for various tasks such as building surveys or cost estimates.