LPA Architectes is an architecture agency based in Paris, composed of seven multidisciplinary architects. The agency offers a wide variety of comprehensive services for new buildings, and also for extension, renovation, space planning and interior design projects. From the design phase to the handover phase, and from structural works to furniture arrangement, LPA Architectes makes a point of supervising the overall execution of a project.

The agency is one of the 5 founding members of Perspective, a European Economic Interest Grouping of nine architecture practices throughout Europe, bringing quality and personalized services to clients over different typology of projects.

We regularly work alongside international partners, carrying out ambitious architectural projects in France or other countries.

Client satisfaction being our top priority, the agency consistently focuses on providing quality services in architecture, and on meeting deadlines. In 1998, LPA Architectes was among the very first French architecture agencies to be certified with the ISO 9001 label. Since 2008, we have continuously complied with a standardized quality management system based on this label.

At LPA Architectes, we believe clients are a priority. From the design phase to the construction works, we always keep them at the heart of their projects.


  • Best quality for each project

    Best quality for each project

  • Awareness and attention to detail

    Awareness and attention to detail

  • Respect of costs

    Respect of costs

  • Respect of deadlines

    Respect of deadlines


  • Pierre-Yves Vinceneux
  • Farran Isabelle
  • Christian Tiquet
  • Ferrand-Eynard Alexandra
  • Charles Bourguignon
  • Anne-Lucie Baumann
  • Joana Skendi
  • Giselle Bourserie


  • 2014

    Creation of Apodis, a decoration and design company

  • 2012

    Pierre-Yves Vinceneux, Isabelle Farran and Charles Bourguignon founded LPA Architectes S.A.R.L.

  • 2011

    Christian Lévy retired

  • 2009

    Benoît Peaucelle moved to Strasbourg

  • 1988

    Lévy, Peaucelle et Associés (LPA) was founded by Christian Lévy, Benoît Peaucelle and Pierre-Yves Vinceneux


  • Renovation


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  • Extension


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  • Space planning

    Space planning

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  • Building maintenance

    Building maintenance

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  • New construction

    New construction

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  • Work on a busy site

    Work on a busy site

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  • Interior decoration

    Interior decoration

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  • Furnishing


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  • Perspective


    LPA Architectes is a founding member of Perspective, a European economic interest grouping of nine architecture firms across Europe. Besides LPA, the members of Perspective are:

    ELD Partnership (Antwerp, Belgium), BSV (Madrid, Spain), ELD Poland (Poznan; Poland), Nuno Leonidas (Lisbon, Portugal), Ahlquist & Co (Stockholm, Sweden), COADY Partnership Arc. (Dublin, Ireland), D2U (Milano, Italy), Virkkonen & Co (Helsinki, Finland).

    In addition, Perspective now comprises a firm affiliated in Switzerland, and strategic partnerships with architecture studios in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Cape Verde, Mexico, the Philippines, the United States, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mozambic, West Timor and Singapore. LPA is able to provide useful information to clients seeking to develop their international presence.

    All members of Perspective share the same vision of business ethics, always providing clients with comprehensive and high quality architectural services.

    Perspective is a federation of architecture firms, in which two or several agencies can form a partnership to carry out international projects. It allows them to have a better knowledge of the techniques used by local companies depending on the country, as well as the specific administrative procedures.

    In Perspective, all the architecture firms are regularly encouraged to share innovative information, knowhow and ideas. That is why each agency keeps up to date with the latest news in computer-aided design, quality control and sustainable practices in architecture. Perspective is a network of 160 people and nine studios across Europe, and is able to bring its expertise in architecture, anywhere in the world.

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  • Apodis


    Apodis is an interior design company, created by the LPA Architectes agency in 2014.

    It was designed in order to offer to clients advice in interior design and furnishing. The architects decorators will make a selection of furniture, fixtures and design. They would handles the purchase and the supply of the furniture.

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